Michael Peacock

Consultant CTO & Freelance PHP Developer

I'm an experienced consultant CTO advising technology start-up businesses, and freelance web application developer - primarily focused on complex backend systems and APIs. Whether you need some web services developed for your mobile applications, architectural guidence for your software product, technical representation at board level as a NXD, or development processes and systems put in place - I can help. I'm based in the North East of England, but work with clients in any location.

I love working with business to help solve their technical challenges. I also specialise in working with companies without any existing in-house technical expertise to build their products, build their technical teams and manage the development process.

Consultant CTO

As a Consultant CTO I work with start-up businesses, to look after the tech side of their businesses, help them to build development teams, provide leadership and support to development teams, assist with architecting applications, and provide strategic technical direction and leadership.

Freelance Developer

Primarily working with PHP and Laravel I build, or support existing teams in building, web applications, e-commerce websites, business systems, and APIs.

Skills & technologies I work with

PHP Laravel MySQL Puppet Vagrant Development team leadership
Testing: PHPUnit, DBUnit, Behat Continuous Integration / Jenkins Message Queues Supervisord
Amazon Web Services Front end development LAMP / LEMP Ubuntu server administration SCRUM / Agile Development

Recent blog posts

Vagrant Book: Second Edition

Web-based software projects are becoming increasingly complicated, with a range of dependencies, requirements and interlinking components. Swapping between projects which require different versions of the same software, becomes troublesome, and getting team members up and running on new projects becomes time-consuming.

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Accessing internal servers remotely

Over at Ground Six the development team each run a number of virtual machines hosting their development environment. We also have an internal ESXi server which hosts a number of projects and staging areas.

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Why re-invent the wheel?

As developers, it’s sometimes tempting to reinvent the wheel. You need some code, a tool, an API, a CMS or framework that works in a specific way. You find tools out there that do most of what you want, but not quite everything. And so, we give in to temptation. Before you know it, you have spent more time reinventing things that you need just so that you can start developing your product - but you haven’t yet started on the product!

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