Freelance PHP, Laravel and API development

As an experienced lead developer, I can help architect, build, support and maintain your products.

Specialising in PHP and Laravel, the PHP framework, I can build applications to meet your business needs. Perhaps you are looking to build a Software-as-a-Service business and need your core product built. Maybe you are looking to automate some of your internal processes, and need an internal tool built. Or maybe you have a mobile app commissioned, and need an API for those apps to communicate with.

I write code with automated tests which is designed to be flexible to changing requirements, easy to maintain and which can support future scaling needs. Unfortunately, many developers think that when your project needs to scale, you can just "throw" servers at the problem. However your code needs to be architected to scale, to ensure it can leverage cloud services.

If you need help building an internal team to help build and maintain your products, need oversight of an outsourced agency or want to build a short term freelance team to get your product out the door, I can also serve as your Consultant CTO to build your product.

Organisations I'm involved in